Airscape Canister

As we discussed in our review The Best Coffee, you are going to get the best flavor from your beans when they have been roasted in the last three weeks. But for those of us that enjoy being on the water, we know there are going to be times when we are away from our coffee source for much longer than that. For those times, we need to find the perfect container to keep away coffees three biggest enemies; moisture, light, and the worst of them all…oxygen.

The moment the beans get moved from the roaster to their cooling container they start to go stale. And the first of the beans profiles to go is the wonderful smell that comes from freshly roasted beans. I have been buying gourmet coffee beans for a few years now and have alwys been told there is not much you can do to keep the beans fresh. Resealable bags? Nope to much air is allowed in the bag before zipping it closed. A mason jar or other canister with a lid has the same problem. They can protect against moisture and light when stored in a closed pantry or cupboard, but oxygen is still in there ruining your beans. And while its fine keep an unopened sealed bag of beans in the freezer for up to a month, you dont want to be using those beans and putting them back in the freezer. The continual temperature fluctuation will cause moisture which will just destroy the beans. For all those reason, I always just assumed there was nothing I could do, so I kept my beans in the resealble bag they came in and tried to use as quickly as possible.


How it works

Everything changed when I first discovered Planetary Design’s Airscape Coffee Canister ,our choice for Best Coffee Sotrage . The Airscape comes in two sizes; a 32 oz which holds about 1/2 pound of coffee, and the 64 oz that holds about 1 pound. You will want to get the 64 oz when ordering The Best Coffee, this will hold your whole bag of Tonx perfectly. The design is simple, yet brilliat. The canister itself is 18/8 Stainless Steel and is coated in your choice of 4 different colored enamel paints, I especially like the Mocha color. Also available are Gree, Black and Chrome. Two lids are provided, one is a clear lid that snaps in place on top, the clear lid allows you to look into your canister to see how much cofee you have left. The second lid is where the magic happens. You flip up the handle on the lid and this opens a valve. You now push on this lid all the way down to where your beans are. As you are pushing you can hear the valve working, sucking all the air out of the canister to just leave your beans. Planetary Design has a video on thier site that shows the caniester in action.

It really does work. I bought a second bag of coffee to go along with my ususal Tonx subscription. I did this to make my Tonx last longer, aiming for 4 weeks, twice as long as a bag usually lasts me. Opening the canister for my final cup the beans still had a really great aroma, not quite as strong as day one, but much more so then week 2 when I was storing them in the bag only. I have read reports online of people keeping ground coffee in the Airscape for six weeks and still having a fresh cup of coffee. The cannisters are averageing 4.5 Star reviews on Amazon with over 170 reviews, a testament to the great quality of this product.

The Airscape is good for more than just coffee. Any food items you want to keep in your galley protected from air can be kept in the Airscape. Loose Leaf Tea, Flour, Sugar, Cookies, etc… Will all stay fresh longer in the Airscape canister.


The envorionment is a little rougher inside a boat galley than it is in your temperature controlled kitchen at home. We need to take the extra percautions to keep our food safe from the elements. And just becuase we are on a boat doesnt mean we need to drink stale coffee. The Airscape it the best way to avoid that and comes Highly Recommended.


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