CoverLayout_v6Announcing, Chasing The Heat, a new book by TheTeakRail founder Len Gentieu.

50 Years and a Million Meals is a one-of-a-kinder—a must-read book that is also a must-have book! Impressive on many levels; this book will not only grace your bookshelf or coffee table but once you open the book, the story of the author, Chef Len Gentieu’s 50 years in the food and restaurant business will entice you unforgivingly until you reach the last colorful page. And even better—once you are done with the read, you can still enjoy the intriguing sidebars, pictures and even some of Chef Len’s best and most popular standby recipes. Anyone who has ever worked in, eaten in, or stepped foot into a restaurant—and that’s all of us—will love this book! By the way, the original inspiration for this book surrounded a chapter Chef Len wrote some twenty years ago about a “Day From Hell” in the restaurant trade. The highlights of this worst-ever day are interspersed through this book and are uncommonly entertaining—a reality-show, down-and-dirty look at what can really happen behind the scenes of even the best-run restaurant. This, together with his fascinating personal narrative as an energetic, innovative and likeable restaurateur now living his dream while running fine-dining charters on his classic yacht, makes this book a unique jewel. Hint: it would make a perfect gift, too—for anyone on your list!

This book is available now at Amazon or by purchasing your copy directly from the author.

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