Finally the sun has come out and the temperatures are nearing 70 degrees. This is the off season on the Papa Gallo and a time for us to get some maintenance work done. With the warming temperatures we always try to move the bright work to the front of our to do list. Next weeks forecast is for a cooling trend and we will retreat to the engine room to change the oil in the mains , no need for a sunny day for that job.

Interlux Perfection Plus Varnish Kit; Qt

Today we will be applying Interlux Perfection Plus Varnish Kit on the top rail. This is the same product we applied over the “West System 105 ” on a recent refinish of the aft deck. It worked like a champ on that job, with the end result of a clear bubble free finish.

The Perfection Plus is a little pricy, over twice the cost of one part varnish. Verbiage on the side of the can states “it’s a high performance clear polyurethane that promises to deliver the ultimate in clear wood coating performance.” Claims to be the most durable varnish with a finish that last four times longer than conventional varnish. We Shall See !

Starting with a clean top rail I first sanded smooth with 120 grit paper. After dusting off I wiped the section of rail down with Acetone then a tack cloth. Preparing the mix. It requires exact measurements . Two parts “A” base and One part “B” Curing agent. I used two Anchor glass measuring cups commandeered from the galley, that will piss off the cooks . They measure in half ounce increments up to 5 oz . After measuring off a 3 oz amount of A and 1 1/2 oz of B, I briskly stirred the mix in a plastic painters cup. Following the instructions I let the mix sit for 10 minutes before going to work. Using a mini high density roller and the tip method the first coat went on beautifully. Following the directions again I applied two additional coats. The end result is a beautiful deep clear honey colored finish. I could not be happier! I will report back this fall after lots of sunshine and weather to see just how well this stuff holds up and if it lives up to all the promises made about it. Right now with the varnish work done for today I’m headed to the salon for a well earned glass of Syrah , oh yea!

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