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S/V gCaptain

The S/V gCaptain is the mobile headquarters of the professional mariner website and the office of the website's cofounder John Konrad. The yacht is a custom Tanton '43 built in Taiwan in 1981 and restored to pristinge condition and readied to sail offshore in search of the latest maritime news stories.

The most interesting feature of the boat are her iconic freestanding masts. To accomplish the best design and construction of larger Cat Ketch yachts her architect, Yves-marie Tanton, found it was necessary to develop new technology to produce lightweight and extremely strong carbon-fiber composite, free- standing masts to be used with wishbone booms. Aluminum and wood can be used on smaller boats were loading factor are not substantial enough to require carbon composite masts or justify their cost. They must, however, be fabricated from the highest-grade aluminum alloys and designed to accept bending moments to handle loads created by forces inherent in the boat's hull design. And preferably utilized with a Cat- ketch rig which subjects each mast to far lower loads in relation to the sail area than a similar size boat with cat boat rig or free-standing sloop rig.

Upgraded with modern features and combined with traditions booms, this yacht has proven to be well balanced with excellent windward ability and can be handled with the absolute minimum of gear and equipment. In fact John has single handed her many times past Point Conception and Honda Point, America's most infamous strech of coastline, in winds with gusts exceeding 60 knots. She performed flawlessly and continues to be a strong platform. And, if John and her crew ever find the time to pull themselves away from their keyboards for a few long months, she might possibly be found circumnavigating the globe.

M/V PapaGallo II

She is a 72 Foot Burger Motor Yacht, built in 1964. Papagallo has a distinguished ownership (read her history below) and has been lovingly maintained in near pristine condition. The vessel is owned by one of The Teak Rails Authors, Leonard Gentieu and is coast guard certified (COI) for operation 20 miles offshore for the majority of the California Coast.

The aft salon is the main dining area and has a window surrounded with beautiful wood detailing. The vessels’ mid-ship salon provides an elegant, intimate Cocktail Lounge with a bar of pomelle sapele topped in copper. The Galley and Wheelhouse are forward of the mid-ship salon. Below decks are a master suite (with a private bathroom suite, including Jacuzzi) and a guest stateroom with twin beds. The vessel is fully wired for sound with Satellite Radio and CD system. Her forward deck is perfect for mingling or seated groups to enjoy water views.

The yacht Papagallo II started out life in 1964, when she was launched at Manitowoc, Wisconsin as a ship named Sybarita. Built as hull number 149C, of all-aluminum by the Burger Boat Company, she splashed into the western edge of Lake Michigan in December of that year. Her proud owners were said to be the President and wife of the famous Admiral Shipping Lines.

In November 1969 she was sold to a businessman from Ohio who re-named her as “Wet Ink III”. At that time, she was fitted with a brand new pair of fin stabilizers made in England. She was berthed in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Nearly five years later, in May of 1974, she was sold to a couple from Oregon, and so she made the trip westward through the Panama Canal. She still carries the “guest flags” of Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico aboard ship from that journey. She was then re-named “Ariane”.

Another ownership exchange was made only a year and a half later, when she was sold to a couple from Newport Beach, California. This particular couple, with the yacht in the care of a full-time professional captain, took her to Mexico on a month-long vacation with friends, as they called on the ports of Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan, in the spring of 1976.

By the fall of 1977, the luster had worn off and this fine yacht, now named “Cliche”, was sold to a Northern California businessman named Ernie Gabiati. Mr. Gabiati had grown up in San Francisco, the son of a tough Italian immigrant who had his own salami business.

Born Ercole “Hercules” Gabiati on June 20, 1921, young “Herc” grew up alongside many Italian families who lived in the North Beach neighborhood of Grant Avenue and Filbert Street. He attended San Francisco Middle School and Galileo High School. His father, Louis, operated Roma Sausage at Pacific and Montgomery streets and wanted his only son to take over the business, but Mr. Gabiati had other plans.

In his early 20’s Mr. Gabiati went to work as a shipyard welder, a much-needed skill that kept him at home instead of being drafted into World War II. In 1946, Mr. Gabiati thought again about taking over his father’s business. Fortunately for Mr Gabiati, though his father had closed Roma Sausage, he had not yet leased the factory or sold the equipment. Mr. Gabiati took over the plant, but started an entirely new enterprise.

In creating Gallo Salami Inc., Mr. Gabiati took a modern approach to the business, which had a staggering number of local competitors. Instead of selling huge salamis from a delicatessen, he produced, sliced and then innovatively vacuum-packed the salami at the factory so it could be sold in stores. Safeway picked it up first, and then stores carried it nationwide.

Mr. Gabiati re-named his pride and joy as the Papagallo II. The name refers to his own nick-name “Papa”, and “Gallo” for the Gallo Salami fortune which he created - in addition, “Papagallo” is Italian for Parrot, a theme you will see on the vessel. Because of this double entendre, two pronunciations are often heard for the vessel - Papa gallo and Papa guyo. (Yes, there was a Papagallo I - it was his own private speedboat).

In October 2005, Leonard and Midge Gentieu, of Cambria, California, took ownership of the Papagallo II. Today, she is berthed in Morro Bay and sails California waters under their direction. Where they offer intimate wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, receptions, and group celebrations of all kinds They have chosen to retain the name Papagallo in honor of Mr. Gabiati, and look forward to enjoying her as much as the Gabiati family did.

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