The Teak Rail a collection of our favorite marine equipment. Each item featured on this site is a result of hundreds of hours of research and thousands of hours of abuse aboard vessels sailing the high seas. To learn more about what we do visit our FAQ and learn how to Support Us.

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  • Gabriela Amorínthis one
  • Ocean AshesThe use of the scattering basket is really helpful
  • Adam WayExcellent! As it is always believed that a sea tri
  • David CarrerasThe Fusion IP700i is a good one. I also like the M

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Gear for motor, sail and professional mariners alike.


The best gear on the planet and filtered strictly for sailboats from one design racing dingys to three masted schooners.


The best gear for motor boats from small center console fishing boats to large mega-yachts.


Professionally tested gear for tugboat crews, Alaska fishermen and big ship captains alike.